Cosmic Unity Drawings

Welcome to Cosmic Unity Drawings, where the act of daily drawing is one tool I use to raise my level of connection and unity. Explore my collection of images, feel inspired to create your own, smile for no reason, and participate in the mission of raising the level of love on the planet. How can you raise the level of love? Some easy ways to start include smiling, sharing, listening, and paying attention to the present.


Color Heals

Experience the healing power of art through my drawings or create your own. Each piece is infused with universal love.

Color is Sound is Color

Connect to Your Spirit!

Immerse yourself in the realm of your spirit with my drawings. On a daily basis, I connect to both the physical and spiritual realms. You too can explore the realm of spirit! Each piece invites joy.

Imagination serves us throughout the life span. Life gets really dull without it! How will you play with your imagination today? And again tomorrow?

Multi Frequency Expressions

Experience the freedom of color through my images or make your own! Each piece is a unplanned, spontaneous, and transformative for me.

Sunshine? Clouds? Rainbow Bubbles?



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